DAHUA-ARC2000B-03 Alarm Security Kit

  • WiFi for communication

  • 32 wireless zones+16 wireless remote controls+4 wireless sirens, transimission range up to 150m open space

  • Airfly technology, 2-way dynamic 128-bit AES encryption.

  • Globally control. Know what’s happing 24/7, preview and playback video, receive notifications via DMSS anywhere anytime

  • Easy installation, no wiring. No contracts and monthly fees

  • 1 Alarm Hub(WiFi), 1 PIR detector, 1 Door/Window detector, 1 Remote control



Alarms are an important component in keeping your house and premises safe. Dahua offers both wireless and wired alarm systems catered to user needs for every possible scenario.

Wireless alarm products offer a complete solution via mobile app (DMSS), hubs, panels, detectors and accessories such as PIR detectors, door/window contacts, smoke detectors, flood detectors, remote fobs, sirens, as well as wireless repeaters, which guarantee the security of your home.


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