What is infrastructure?

Infrastructure is the foundation or framework that supports a system, it refers to the combined suite of hardware, software, and network resources required to operate an enterprise ICT environment. It is the backbone that allows the delivery of business value through ICT applications and solutions to employees, stakeholders and customers/clients. While it is often implemented internally and deployed within organization-owned facilities, it can also be provided as a service, both through physical colocation or using cloud services or a hybrid of both.

Data center infrastructure often includes the power, cooling and building elements necessary to support data center hardware. The data center hardware infrastructure usually involves servers; storage subsystems; networking devices, like switches, routers and physical cabling; and dedicated network appliances, such as network firewalls.



A data center infrastructure also requires careful consideration of ICT infrastructure security. This can include physical security for the building, such as Access control, CCTV surveillance and human surveillance of the premises, carefully controlled access to the server and storage spaces, and so on. This ensures only authorized personnel can access the data center hardware infrastructure and reduces the potential for malicious damage or data theft.
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