Environmental Monitoring

Vutlan environmental monitoring products enable you to actively monitor the conditions in data centers, BTS stations, warehouses, schools, hospitals, offices, restaurants, farms, factories, zoos, museums or anywhere else you need to protect IT critical assets. Maintaining a stable environment where equipment and/or products are housed is critical for their continued operation, protection and use. Conditions monitored include extreme temperatures, humidity, power spikes and surges, water leaks, smoke, airflow and etc. Don’t ignore environmental threats – remotely manage them with Vutlan monitoring and control systems. Vutlan environmental monitoring equipment allows network operators to observe conditions from a secure Web interface and receive SNMP, email, text message or siren alert notifications when environmental sensors detect a problem. These products can also alert you to potential damage from human error, unauthorized access, or prying fingers that could have an adverse effect on your missioncritical equipment. The Web interface can display live video surveillance and environmental measurements, which are logged to track trends.

Data Collecting and Graphing

The measurements are periodically stored in the internal memory or external storage media and displayed as graphs. Each graph shows data for last 100: seconds, minutes, hours, days. Web interface provides an easy way to access these logs for each individual sensor.


Web interface also allows to view detailed graphs and data tables for one or more sensors using multi-plot graph. This is very useful when you need to see sensor data of two or more sensors on the same graph for a given period of time.

Notifications & Alerts based on Thresholds

When the measured value exceeds the predefined threshold, it triggers an alert: Send Email, SMS, Syslog, Event log, SNMP Trap, SNMP Get, sound and light an alarm beacon or a strobe light.Alerts can be based on thresholds (warning, alert, normal or not connected) or on multiple conditions.

Environmental Monitoring & Control By Type

Maintain Optimal Temperature

Locate hot spots within a server cabinet and use collected temperature sensor data to optimize the cooling system and raise the ambient temperature to save energy with confidence that you won’t overheat sensitive IT equipment.

Keep Your Humidity In Check

Humidity in server rooms should be maintained between 40% and 55% rH. High humidity may lead to water condensation which results in hardware corrosion. Low humidity levels may cause issues with electrostatic discharge (ESD) which can cause damage to sensitive components.

Detect Water Leaks

Detect if there is a water leak from leakage of air conditioning, water-cooled server rack, condensation from air conditioning units, water pipes, groundwater or weather damage. Water sensors should be placed at the lowest point on the floor, and underneath any pipelines.

Secure Access

Use contact closure sensors, dry-contacts or PIR sensors to detect the opening and closing of a door of the rack. Trigger an event such as taking a webcam picture when a cabinet door is opened.

Voltage / Current meters

Monitor AC/DC current and voltage (e.g. power supplies, batteries and accumulators) with a variety of Vutlan AC/DC meters.

Smoke / Fire

Smoke Detectors can be used to detect the initial signs of component fires in data cabinets. Here, the best approach is to wire the smoke alarms directly into Vutlan environmental monitoring system, essentially extending the functionality of the environmental sensors to the smoke alarm.

Video Surveillance

Real-time off-site video surveillance of sensitive areas in the data center or a remote facility can be viewed using Vutlan built-in Web-interface, so administrators can get a first-hand look at the environment wherever they may be.

Sound alarms and Light towers

Strobe lights and alarm beacons can be wired to the 12V output of the Vutlan monitoring units to notify the staff on occurrence of problem.

Dry contact inputs

A dry contact input is a voltage free contact that detects whether or not an input switch is open or closed. It can be can be easily adapted to third-party sensors and devices. Inside WebGUI you define what the open or closed condition means. Use dry contacts to monitor alarms such as cabinet door (open or closed), fire alarms, burglar alarms, and alarms on power systems such as UPSs.


A PING (Packet Internet Groper) virtual sensor verifies the connection to one or more remote hosts by sending a packet to a specified IP address, and then waiting for a reply. A PING tool is useful for determining whether a distant computer is successfully linked to the network, whether a particular IP address exists and is currently working, and for checking how fast a connection is. A PING utility can also be used for diagnosing IP network or router failures.

Detect Vibration or Shock Damage

Vibration / shock sensors are used to detect and record tampering, moving, removal or installation of equipment inside racks, detect and record the level of vibration or shock inside rooms especially for sensitive equipment (e.g. hard disks). Vutlan shock sensors record the level of shock or vibration and can be possibly used for some types of rotating machines.