Data Center Monitoring

Failure or even the shut down of a data center can result in high losses and endangers a company’s business operations. Therefore, monitoring of complex IT-infrastructure is mission-critical for data center operators and companies.

It is important to not only monitor SNMP devices, but also to check continuously housing technology. It is an imperative to check, if the HVAC is up and running, temperature and humidity of the server room are not crossing predefined critical thresholds or if the access control is working properly. Providing warning of failures or potential failures on time, will insure maximum efficiency of a data center while minimizing service losses due to slowdowns or breakdowns. Vutlan monitoring and control equipment can monitor every aspect of the IT environmental infrastructure such as temperature, leakage, humidity, power supplies and so on.

1. Web interface or NMS software

Embedded web interface provides monitoring and control for small facilities. Centralized infrastructure monitoring software solution provides data center monitoring of equipment for companies of every size.

2. Notifications and alerts

Notifications are intended to inform the user about events occurring in the monitoring system. You can create such notifications as: SNMP GET, SNMP TRAP, Timer, MAILER, SMS notifications, PING and Trigger using embedded Vutlan interface.

3. I-Touch Button & Proximity readers

I-Touch button or ITouch Proximity readers can be connected to the port “Reader” using RJ9 (4P4C) connector.

4. IP cameras and USB camera

Adding IP camera allows you to view footage from surveillance cameras remotely across your remote facility. USB camera can be installed inside a rack and if the door opens to start sending JPEG stream.

5. Smoke, humidity, vibration & temperature sensors

We offer a wide variety of analog and digital sensors. Third party sensors can be connected to Vutlan monitoring units using our converters (For example: VT420 / Converter 4-20mA)

6. Switched PDUs and monitoring units

We offer Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs), which allow users to distribute power outlets to rack-mount equipment. These PDUs provide environme