Intrusion Alarm Systems

We've got you covered. Our intrusion alarm systems are the best at catching intruders with freedom from annoying false alarms. It's like nothing really happens

Security you can trust. Detection you can depend on.

Keeping the wrong people out is the goal of every security system. But when your facility is at risk, you want to know that your intrusion system will perform. Bosch delivers the most flexible and reliable intrusion products. With detectors that make the correct decision every time to highly capable systems with the flexibility to meet different requirements, Bosch helps to protect properties, assets and most importantly, people. We maximize peace of mind. So whatever happens, nothing really happens.

3 reasons why to choose Bosch intrusion alarm solutions

Our intrusion alarm solutions

Intrusion alarm control panels

From simple installations to extensive projects, we offer integrated security alarm solutions based on award-winning technology and backed by superior support. Bosch offers complete solutions with a full line of easy-to-use control panels, keypads, communication devices and more to provide the right solution for small applications such as stand-alone retail stores, to large applications such as office buildings, warehouses and banks.

Other detectors and sensors

In addition to motion detectors, our detector range includes seismic and shock detectors, request-to-exit detectors, long-range detectors, glass break detectors as well as panic buttons and magnetic contacts. Covering multiple applications and delivering excellent catch performance together with false alarm immunity.

Access Control Systems overview

The smart access control solutions of Bosch enable building owners, tenants and visitors to ‘go with the flow’. Our integrated technology creates a seamless experience which offers a high level of accessibility and security.